Emerald City Blues

Emerald City Blues   Sky favors no one grey upon grey or ocean blue Lovers and homeless wake up under it wet with dew The model city we imagine and how to renew   Night after night old man his curtains drew Then in one day his house razed and cat at the window too […]

Think of Santos

Read at El Centro de la Raza, on Dia de los Muertos, November 2nd 2015, to commemorate the death of 12 year old Santos Rodriguez. Think of Santos — In memory of Santos Rodriguez Since not anger, not prayers, nor protests The clock can stop and prevent the bullet Fired by a half man and […]

A Corner to Love

Maps of this city number in the thousands unique and folded neatly inside each citizen’s   heart. We live in the city and the city lives in us   Read on KUOW, September 4th, 2015 To listen: http://kuow.org/post/meet-seattles-first-civic-poet-claudia-castro-luna  

Seattle’s Poem

Seattle is a house Perched on the comings and goings of water and wind ripple of fish feather of crow early morning ferry yawn Seattle I say and invoke a man and a place the two inseparable not proportional not parallel but as language is to poem and salt to sea I watch bridges, bicyclists, […]